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The EMERALD is an orginised group of apartments with an administration office on the same building which provides regular common area cleaning and building maintenance.



PLEASE NOTE: These are the things that the tenant agrees to do or not to do. It is important for the tenant to understand what he must or must not do. If the tenant breaks, or does not comply with any of these obligations, the landlord may be entitled to claim damages or compensation from the tenant, or to seek other legal remedies against the tenant, including the possibility of eviction.

The tenant agrees to the following:

  • 1. To pay the rent, E.A.C. electricity, Limassol Water Board and Garbage Collection bills (when applicable) whether formally demanded or not, and all other sums due to the landlord on time. Payments by other persons on behalf of the tenants will be considered as if payments from the tenants.
  • 2. To be held liable for the fair net costs involved in carrying out repair and maintenance to the premises or its fixtures or fittings where such action is required as a result of negligence, or significant breach of the rental agreement, or misuse, by the tenant or his invited guests or visitors.
  • 3. To be responsible for the payment of all associated charges in respect of the use and supply at the premises during the tenancy of any telephone, internet, television or satellite services (if any), electricity and water bills.
  • 4. Where the tenant allows, either by default of payment or by specific instruction, the utility or other services, as in paragraph 4, to be cut off (except the E.A.C and the Limassol Water Board services), either during, or at the end of the tenancy.
  • 5. Not to tamper, interfere with, alter or add to the water or electrical installations or meters, either in or serving the premises.
  • 6. The tenant shall not bring any appliances (such as gas cookers or heaters) that are considered unsafe or dangerous to either the occupants or the premises. In such case the landlord will immediately request the removal of such appliances.
  • 7. Not to use the premises, or knowingly allow it to be used, for illegal or immoral purposes and that includes the use of any illegal drugs which are or become prohibited or restricted by statute.
  • 8. To use the premises only as a single private residence for the occupation of the tenant and not to carry on or allow to be carried on any formal or registered trade, business or profession there.
  • 9. Not to sublet, take in lodgers or paying guests. In such a case the landlord will immediately terminate the rental agreement.
  • 10. Tenants are not allowed to create and provide duplicate keys to other people that are not authorised to use the premises. In such a case, the landlord can request a permanent removal of these people and immediate termination of the rental agreement.
  • 11. In the event of loss or damage by fire, theft, attempted theft, impact or other causes to the landlord's premises or its contents, to promptly inform the authorities as appropriate and the landlord as soon as practicable.
  • 12. Not to deliberately do anything, and to take reasonable and prudent steps not to allow anything to be done by invited guests or visitors, which leads to devastation, harm or ruin of the premises, its contents or disturb the neighbouring tenants.
  • 13. Not to change, alter, add to or otherwise damage any locks or bolts on the premises (except in the case of an emergency) without the prior consent of the landlord.
  • 14. To take adequate precautions to keep the premises, including its external door and windows, locked and secured when the premises are empty.
  • 15. To take reasonable and proper care in the use of the premises, its fixtures and fittings and not to deliberately damage or alter the premises, its decor, fixtures and fittings either internally or externally.
  • 16. Where the tenant, his invited guests or visitors are responsible by any action for any cracked or broken windows or door glass on the premises, to promptly repair or replace such glass to the required specification and be liable for the costs involved.
  • 17. To take care not to cause an overload of the electrical circuits by the inappropriate use of multi-socket electrical adapters or extension cables when connecting appliances to the mains electric system.
  • 18. To be responsible for unblocking or clearing stoppages in any sink, or basin, or toilet, or waste pipe which serve such fixtures if they become blocked with the tenant's waste, or as a result of the actions or inactions of the tenant (or his invited guests or visitors) in breach of obligations under the rental agreement.
  • 19. Not to alter the appearance or decoration or structure of the premises or its fixtures either internally or externally.
  • 20. To take care not to put, or allow to be put, any damaging oil, grease or other harmful or corrosive substances into the washing or sanitary appliances or drains within the premises.
  • 21. Not to keep on, use or bring into the premises, any inflammable or other material or equipment which might reasonably be considered to be a fire hazard, or otherwise dangerous to the premises or the health of its occupants or of the neighbours.
  • 22. Not to place or fix any aerial, satellite dish, or notice or advertisement board onto the premises (either internally or externally) without first obtaining the prior consent of the landlord. Where granted the tenant will meet all costs of installation and subsequent removal and the reasonable costs of making good any resultant damage or redecoration if so required by the landlord. The landlord reserves the right to withdraw, for reasonable grounds and upon reasonable notice, any such consent given.
  • 23. Not to do anything at the premises (including playing of excessively loud music) which is a nuisance or annoyance or cause damage to the premises or adjacent or adjoining premises or neighbours or might reasonably be considered anti-social behaviour.
  • 24. Not to remove from the premises any of the landlord's fixtures or fittings, or to store them elsewhere without obtaining the prior consent of the landlord.
  • 25. Not to fix or hang, any posters, pictures, photographs or ornaments to the walls or ceilings or woodwork with nails, glue, sticky tape, blu-tac or similar adhesive fixings. The tenant is liable to pay for the cost of restoration of any damage caused by such actions.
  • 26. Not to store or keep on the premises car park any boat, caravan or commercial vehicle.
  • 27. Not to repair cars, motorcycles, vans or other commercial vehicles at the premises apart from general maintenance from time to time, to a vehicle of which the tenant is the registered keeper.
  • 28. The tenant is strictly prohibited from lighting fires (e.g. barbeque) in the apartment, balcony, parking area and other premises without the written authorisation from the landlord.
  • 29. The tenant is prohibited from keeping bicycles in the apartment, staircase or hallways of the premises.
  • 30. The tenant is strictly prohibited from tampering, interfering or altering the parking barrier at the entrance of the premises. If the parking barrier fails to operate the tenant must contact the landlord immediately.
  • 31. Smoking is not permitted in the internal common areas of the premises (entrance, staircase and hallways) or the elevator.
  • 32. The tenant is prohibited from keeping any animals, birds, reptiles, or pets of any description during their tenancy.
  • 33. To take reasonable and prudent steps to adequately ventilate the premises in order to help prevent condensation. Where such condensation may occur, to take care to promptly wipe down and clean surfaces as required from time to time to stop the build-up of mould growth or damage to the premises, its fixtures and fittings.
  • 34. Where the tenant clearly breaks, or fails to comply with, any of the obligations relating to looking after or the use and occupation of the premises set under the rental agreement, the tenant agrees to carry out (at his own cost) any reasonable and necessary corrective measures or action within a timescale agreed with the landlord. After that time, the landlord may notify the tenant that the landlord is arranging for the work to be done and in such circumstances the tenant agrees to be responsible and liable for the fair costs involved in those arrangements and for the carrying out of such works.
  • 35. The tenant will permit to the landlord or authorised workman, from time to time, to enter the premises during working hours and/or at reasonable times including at weekends, to inspect the premises, its fixtures and fittings, and to do work which might be required from in order to fulfil obligations under the rental agreement.
  • 36. To clean to (or pay for the cleaning to) a good standard, the premises, its fixtures and fittings.
  • 37. The tenant must respect and keep clean the common areas of the premises which includes the parking area, entrance, hallways, staircase and elevator.
  • 38. To return all keys to the premises (including and new additional or duplicate keys cut during the tenancy) to the landlord promptly on the last day of the tenancy.
  • 39. Having replaced any of the landlord's items in the premises areas to restore them as they were in their original position.
  • 40. To remove all the tenant's belongings, property, personal effects, foodstuffs, furnishings and equipment from the premises on, or before, the last day of the tenancy. Any of the tenant's belongings, property, personal effects, foodstuffs, furnishings and equipment left behind at the premises will be considered abandoned if after the expiry of 14 days the tenant has not removed or retrieved them. After this time the landlord, may remove, store or dispose any such items as he sees fit.

Note: This tenancy policy is an integral part of the tenant's rental agreement. By signing the tenancy rental agreement, the tenant also comprehends and agrees to the above policy statement without the need of signing this policy.